In psychotherapy, our professional staff helps people of all ages live happier, healthier and more productive lives.Our counselors and psychologists use research-based techniques to help people develop more effective habits. There are several approaches to psychotherapy, including cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and psychodynamic, among others, that help people work through their problems. Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment based on the relationship between an individual and a psychologist or counselor. Our clinicians provide a supportive environment that allows you to talk openly with someone who is objective, neutral and nonjudgmental.


Our team includes clinicians who specialize in helping children who are struggling with behavioral and emotional problems begin to enjoy life again. At the JourneyPure Melbourne, WE LOVE KIDS AND WILL BE FANS OF YOUR FAMILY! And we are devoted to working with children and adolescents using strategies that really work. We will meet your kids in a relaxed environment and use whatever means necessary to be relatable and effective. Whenever possible, we will work with parents and the entire family to help reset relationships and bring peace back to your home.


During marriage counseling, your counselor will help you and your spouse understand the negative patterns of communication that have created stress and disappointment.Once you understand what went wrong, our clinicians will help you develop a new process of communication that will help you actually solve problems rather than just recycle old differences.


We have several professionals on our staff who are able to conduct a special kind of counseling with children called “Play Therapy”. These team members are Registered Play Therapists (RPT) and have obtained additional education, training and supervision in play therapy.This form of therapy is especially helpful for children under the age of 11 who developmentally are not fully able to engage in abstract reasoning and thought. Although our professional staff is well-versed in working with children and families from a behavioral perspective, there are certain times in which children need to engage in therapy that uses the language of play. Young children communicate their thoughts, feelings, reactions, and experiences through play, and in Play Therapy a child is able to “play out” their experiences and process events, conflicts, understanding and feelings.


Group therapy involves one or more counselors. Different groups occur at different days and times and for different lengths of time throughout the week.  Some people attend individual therapy in addition to groups, while others participate in groups only. Many groups are designed to target a specific problem, such as depression, obesity, panic disorder, social anxiety, chronic pain or substance abuse. Other groups focus more generally on improving social skills, helping people deal with a range of issues such as anger, shyness, loneliness and low self-esteem.



Our yoga instructor uses therapeutic yoga as a catalyst to improve mental health and well-being. Yoga as a whole practice builds self-esteem and empowers us to become more self aware, cultivating a connection between the mind, body and soul. Stagnant energy or emotions can build stress and tension in the body and the mind, and moving through yoga postures using the breath as a guide can be detoxifying and bring one to a place of balance, peace and self-worth. We offer individual and group sessions.


At JourneyPure Melbourne, medication is not the first line of defense against emotional distress. Our professional staff always starts from the perspective that our clients can get healthy by turning the insight achieved in counseling into action in your everyday life. However, there are times when our clients go forward faster with the help of a medication that addresses the physical symptoms that are created by mental health problems like depression or anxiety. Your psychiatric nurse practitioner at the JourneyPure Melbourne will help you understand whether or not there is a need for medications and then work with you to find the best medication with the fewest side effects.


In order to better help our clients, we believe it is important to first have a very thorough understanding of the nature of the problems they are encountering.  This can be accomplished by assessing a client’s psychological, social, relational, and spiritual functioning.  Our psychologists are trained to quickly and accurately identify emotional, educational, and cognitive problems by using various psychological tests.  With any testing battery we conduct, our focus is on recommendations that will facilitate the counseling process or other interventions that will address the root of the identified problems.  Our psychologists can test for:

  • General Personality Functioning
  • Academic Functioning
  • Intelligence Testing
  • ADHD Testing
  • Learning Disorders


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