Our Treatment Program


An individual’s experience begins with a holistic evaluation by the professional staff at the JourneyPure Melbourne. This assessment will help our team determine the severity of the substance use disorder and will aide in the development of your unique and individualized treatment plan, which will guide your entire treatment at JourneyPure Melbourne.

The initial assessment often reveals that our clients are struggling with chemical dependency and emotional challenges that were brought about by or may have preceded their substance abuse. These co-occurring disorders may include depression, acute anxiety, bi-polar disorder, etc. Our team is uniquely positioned to help you address not only your addictive behavior, but also the underlying emotional problems that are potentially driving and sustaining your addiction.

Clients who have a history of psychiatric or emotional disorders or those who are currently taking psychotropic medication are referred to our psychiatrist who will complete a medication evaluation. Our consulting psychiatrist can prescribe appropriate, non-addictive psychotropic medication. These medications can cause present disorders to subside, which can help a client successfully complete the treatment process. Our psychiatrists may periodically review medications prescribed to the client to ensure that the medications are producing the desired results. In the case of PHP, clients will meet with the psychiatrist on a weekly basis.


The treatment program is based on well-researched empirically validated strategies that promote health in body, mind, and spirit. Each aspect of our treatment is conducted with these goals in mind: to help you understand the cause of your addiction and to help you develop the coping skills that will allow you to regain control of your life. Our treatment philosophy yields a comprehensive treatment strategy that includes:

– Individual Therapy
– Group Therapy
– Psychoeducational Teaching
– Relapse Prevention Training
– Life Skills Training
– Meditation & Mindfulness Training
– Nutrition
– Exercise and Adventure Therapy
– Stress Management Training
– Time Management Training
– Recovery Skills Training
– Anger Management / Emotional Management Training
– Co-Dependency/Boundaries
– Goal Setting
– Pastoral Counseling


Alumni who graduate at JourneyPure Melbourne are invited to continue their association by attending our aftercare program meetings. The aftercare program consists of practical instruction, interactive process sessions and group support. Aftercare program includes sessions on relapse prevention skills, anger, anxiety and stress management, family dynamics, and relational skills development.


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