Why Choose JourneyPure Melbourne?

We believe that the care you will receive at JourneyPure Melbourne is among the best in the industry. While we would love to have the opportunity to talk to you in person about who we are and how we can help, consider these six distinctives as evidence of our ability to help you end your addiction now:

  • JourneyPure Melbourne has a 10-year history of helping individuals struggling with addiction find hope and healing. Our staff has combined literally hundreds of thousands of hours of face-to-face work with people recovering from addiction and other mental health problems.
  • Our philosophy of addiction is unique in that we strive to help people find freedom from drugs and alcohol, rather than just abstinence from a substance that will control them¬†forever. While most treatment centers are built on the idea that you will forever be in the grip of some substance, we know what causes addiction and how to heal it.
  • Our program has a strong emphasis on developing you as a spiritual person, which will serve as the core of your new life. Although we will not impose our spirituality on you, we will guide you as you seek to find and know God better.
  • JourneyPure Melbourne is staffed by Masters level practitioners, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Psychologists. Our entire team is uniquely qualified to help you address not only your addictive behavior, but also the underlying emotional problems that are potentially driving and sustaining your addiction.
  • Although most other treatment centers are built exclusively around process groups that satisfy insurance requirements, JourneyPure Melbourne uses unique, creative, effective therapeutic strategies that build body, mind, and spirit. We are going to help you build a new life that you love.
  • In the Intensive Outpatient Program at JourneyPure Melbourne, you will get the amount of treatment that is provided by most residential treatment programs but will be able to stay in your home and continue to carry on your responsibilities at work or school.


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Phone: (877) 322-1180